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Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Calgary Alberta

About Me

Jane has been a Registered Nurse for more than forty years. Motivated by the desire to become the support she wished that she had had when she went through a complex environmentally triggered illness, she became certified as a Functional Medicine Health Coach and then Shoemaker certified as a Proficiency Partner Diplomate. Now Jane provides virtual coaching and support for individuals with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and other environmentally-related illnesses.

Recovering from environmentally-related illness doesn’t just mean getting your health back; it means getting your life back. Jane naively thought her long-time employer would be happy to perform a $200 environmental test so she could get back to work after recovering from a complex environmentally triggered illness. Instead, she got fired! Believing that there has to be a way for ordinary people to fight back Jane took her fight to the Workers’ Compensation Board and the Alberta Human Rights Commission.

Jane lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband and dogs. She loves growing her own food and taking long walks.

Jane Prescot CIRS Functional Medicine Health Coach

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