CIRS Group Program

Facilitated by Jane Prescot

Supporting Clients with Environmental/Biotoxin Illness

As a Registered Nurse and Health Coach I bring together my training in
functional medicine and CIRS Proficiency to offer a 14-module live, virtual CIRS Group Program. This small group (up to eight participants) is the perfect setting for holistic CIRS learning, discussion and encouragement.

Explore how your external environment, your internal environment and nervous
system dysregulation can impact your experience of chronic complex illness while remaining faithful to the Shoemaker Protocol. KEEP YOUR HEALTH ON TRACK! Get practical tools and learn skills that will help you get to know your nervous system while equipping you to navigate Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome.

  • Fourteen 90-minute sessions will take place by Zoom
  • Starting February 2023**

**Please CONTACT JANE BELOW for details on start date and cost


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