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Supporting Clients with Environmental/Biotoxin Illness

How can a Functional Medicine Health Coach Support a Client with Environmentally Acquired Illness?

  • Help client understand and implement their practitioner’s individualized plan of care
  • Guide client through dietary changes and practitioner recommended food plans
  • Teach strategies that calm down the nervous system to optimize detoxification and healing
  • Help client understand the impact of toxins on their health, and work with them to reduce their toxin exposures
  • Support client as they gain insight into their health journey using the Functional Medicine Timeline and Matrix
  • Help client identify character strengths, build on positivity, and create strategies to meet goals
  • Celebrate success and encourage progress
  • Provide resources
  • Help client find meaning and purpose in their healing journey
  • Empower client to create a life that reflects who they are and what they truly want

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